Things happening at!

Hello all!  Wanted to give you an update on what’s happening with my record business.

First and foremost, I’ve created a Facebook group for selling records (SellMyRecords).   Why should you join up?

  • Members get first crack at the records I list on Facebook.  I list it in my group, then shortly thereafter, I post it to the 150,000 member audience in the 15 record selling groups I belong to.  My members see it first, however!
  • Special promotions >> I offer my members special deals on vinyl.  Currently running a 20% off sale for my members, available to THEM only for the first 24 hours!
  • Members get first notification on new collections I’m buying and/or consigning.


Twitter….I’ve created a Twitter account (SellMyRecords) for vinyl buyers to follow.  Keep updated on the collections we get in and any new promotions happening!

My Discogs store resides HERE.

My eBay store resides HERE.

Thanks for your support of my record business!




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